Media, meet Creative.

See how Robot Stampede uses creative planning, data, and media tactics in programmatic campaigns to strengthen customer journey pathways.

CREATIVE PLANNING uses available data to make smart advertising campaigns which:

Increase KPI's

Retain more customers

Strengthen brand metrics

Deepen customer experience


What’s missing from today’s marketing process?

Programmatic media has created breakthrough efficiencies in media buying, automation, data targeting, and optimization.

Sadly creative has not kept pace with 97% of programmatic placements. Often the same creative is served no matter what the audience segment.

But studies confirm what we all surmise, creative is 70% of the effectiveness of a campaign.


Our proprietary Creative Planning process utilizes a multitude of data sources and research findings to develop a brief that will ensure the most engaging and efficient outcome.

Creative Planning

Media Strategy

Data sources

So a one-size-fits-all user journey that ends in burnout and tune-out


becomes a data informed journey that is much richer and more meaningful.

Our Methodology

We recommend and design the best ad:tech stacks available leveraging available data.  Then devise a strategic creative plan embraces and extends media planning. Production can be done with your existing creative team or with our award winning studio, in-house or off site. In the always-on landscape, ongoing optimization and experimentation brings out the real value of creative planning.

Data Strategy & Systems

Media Planning & Buying

Creative Planning


Experimentation & Simulation

Creative Production & Generation

Let us show you how Robot Stampede can work for your brand.